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Exclusive Right to Book Current Stateroom. - From now through November 11, 2022, you have the exclusive right to reserve your current stateroom for one of The Smooth Jazz Cruise ‘24 sailings. If you are sailing on The Smooth Jazz Cruise ‘23.1, your right extends to The Smooth Jazz Cruise ‘24.1. If you are sailing on The Smooth Jazz Cruise ‘23.2, your right extends to The Smooth Jazz Cruise ‘24.2.

Same Price as ’23! - Furthermore, if you complete that reservation before November 11, 2022, you will pay the same Cruise Fare for your ’24 sailing that you are paying for your ’23 sailing. NO PRICE INCREASES FOR ’23 GUESTS!

Stateroom Selection - As a guest on The Smooth Jazz Cruise ’23.1 and ’23.2, you should have received an email on September 16, 2022 with a unique booking link to reserve their current stateroom for The Smooth Jazz Cruise ’23. If you did not receive this email, please contact the office at 844.616.6279 or [email protected].

If you wish to change your stateroom or the week on which you are sailing, please contact the office and we will assist you with that process. Please note that these changes will be fulfilled after the The Smooth Jazz Cruise ’23 Guests exclusive period has ended, but before the public may reserve a stateroom.

Deposit - Reservations made prior to November 11, 2022 will require a $200 deposit per person due at the time of reservation. Your elected payment plan will begin on Friday, February 10, 2023.

Pricing - As stated above, the Cruise Fare you will pay for your ’24 sailing will be the same Cruise Fare that you paid for your ’23 sailing. Please review the email you received on September 16 to confirm that amount.

24.1 Sailing 24.2 Sailing

Pre-Sale Reservations – Guests not currently scheduled to sail on a ’23 sailing of The Smooth Jazz Cruise may now make a Pre-Sale Reservation for either sailing of The Smooth Jazz Cruise ’24. Doing so gives that guest the opportunity to reserve a stateroom on a ’24 Sailing before reservations are open to the public (early February 2023) and just after the reservation period for guests on the ’23 Sailings (which ends on November 11, 2022). Guest’s priority in the stateroom selection process will be determined by the date that they complete their Pre-Sale Reservation.

Stateroom Selection – On Monday, November 28, those holding a Pre-Sale Reservation will be provided the time and procedure for making their stateroom selection. The first group eligible for stateroom selection will begin on Tuesday, November 29.

Deposit – Making a Pre-Sale Reservation requires a deposit of $400/stateroom, which will be applied towards the final cost of the stateroom.

Please Note: The Cruise Fare prices listed on the Pricing page are for new guests. If you have sailed on a Jazz Cruises’ program in the past, you are eligible for Past Guest prices. To learn what Past Guest price applies to you, please contact the office.

Pre-Sale Reservation
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